The Angels, a peaceful race capable of flying around. They are humans who evolved during the war between demons and humans. They did not evolve because they wanted power. They wanted to be free and go everywhere they want without worries. The wings they grew were able to fly them around. However, because of the war with demons, the angels were hunted down. The humans mistook them for demons.

The angels decided not to stay on the Earth any longer. They were able to fly, and were smarter than the humans were back then. All the angels flew up to the sky and gathered in one place. An abnormality occurred and transported the Angels along the multiverse to Celestia. There they lived in peace and evolved even further. Now they are able to fly without wings. And so they years passed by. They had long forgotten the humans when another abnormality occurred and connected Celestia to Terra (back then Earth).


  • Keen eye
  • Bow Training
  • Wings


  • Blixtnedslag
  • Espiritu
  • Espiritudakila
  • Espiritumataas
  • Sevitam
  • Sevitammagna
  • Sevitammaximus
  • Muur
  • sepulcrum
  • conatum

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