The elves, one of the oldest races in the multiverse. They once lived on Terra before the humans existed. Elves lived in the forests and jungles of the Earth/Terra. They nearly became extinct when humans began to develop. Entire woods were cut to satisfy the human needs. The elves used one of the oldest trick known to the nature. Instead of disappearing from the naked eye, they vanished from Terra. They ended up in another world, lost.

Elves are skilled archers. They have even learnt how to use an arrow as a hookshot. Still they lived with nature.

When the judges came to visit their world and warned the elves, the elves prepared to fight. They however lost the fight. With the help of the judges, they escaped to Etherion, and joined the other races in combat against Tuan.


  • Eagle Eye
  • Bow Mastery
  • Lightweight
  • Hookshot


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