Once upon a time, the lost city of Atlantis was still on the surface of the earth. Then, a disaster wiped Atlantis away into the depths of the dark ocean. The people who lived there couldn't escape.

Atlantis had some air pockets, enabling humans to live there for 3 generations. The longer they lived, the less air they had. The only way to survive was by evolution. Mutants that are grown naturally by nature.

The third generation had some mutants with them. Mutants that could live in water itself. They survived when the air was gone. The mutants called themselves Hydrs.

Eventually, Tuan invaded the Earth and destroyed their home. Without a place to go, someone brought them here. Here they could survive the hunt of Tuan. Hydrs are now set on getting their city back. The lost city of Atlantis.


  • Diamond Sharpness
  • Sword Mastery
  • Gills


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