The immortals, beings that are said to be stronger than anyone. Their arrogance has been their downfall.

Immortals took over worlds. The worlds that found back got destroyed. Eventually, they heard about Tuan. The Immortals thought that Tuan was no match for them. Also the world Tuan lived seemed interesting to them. So they decided to invade Tuans world.

They faced Tuan and were defeated with easy. Tuan invaded the world of the Immortals to show them how powerless the Immortals actually are. Many immortals were killed, but some managed to escape.

Learned nothing from their mistakes, they wandered the multiverse. Instead of taking over worlds, they tried to find a home. Eventually they met a dark angel. "Immortals, you have lost your world and your pride. Join me and I will give you a place to stay." The immortals always thought that other creature were inferior to them and refused the offer. They refused it by attacking the dark angel with uitamhauriant, the level 2 lifedrain spell. The Dark Angel endured it. Then the dark Angel attacked the Immortal with a level 3 lifedrain spell. "You keep making the same mistake over and over again. I will not kill you. I can learn you this spell if you join my forces. Together we can destroy Tuan." The immortals understood they would be no match for this dark Angel. They accepted his offer. Tuan, whose power is growing day by day, destroyed their world. In order to get back what belonged to the Immortals, Tuan has to die.


  • Immortal Strenght
  • Immortal Body


  • Vitamexhaurire
  • Uitamhauriunt
  • Morses
  • Mortify
  • Mortifybones

Becomming an ImmortalEdit

Since Immortals are strong, you have to complete a trial to become an Immortal. The trail contains different thinks. One thing you need is vitamexhaurire.

You need to finish monsters off with vitamexhaurire. The following monsters needs to be fought:

3 Giants

or 3 Herobrines


A chicken, A pig, A spider, A skeleton, A wolf, a pigzombie, a zombie and a spider in this order.

You can also challenge an Immortal to a duel and finish them off with vitamexhaurire. The immortal will lose his immortalstatus when that happens.

Dieing once means to start all over. Not killing them with vitamexhaurire means to start all over. Not killing the right mob after the previous one means to start all over.

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