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Throwing a fireball spell level 1 in the magic world.

Magic, one of the features this server has to offer. You can learn many different magic. Some are race specific. While spells do give you an advantage, spells require mana to be able to be casted.

Magic varies of different styles. Some are transportation spells, other combat. Every spell does something usefull, but the cost might be a bit high. Also spells do have multiply levels. The max level for a spell is level 3. You can learn a level 3 spell before you have learnt the correct level 1 spell, but it gets directly removed from your knowledge list. Using it before you know a level 1 and 2 spell will result in a 1 day ban.

Casting MagicEdit

Magic can be used by the command /cast or /c for short. Additionally is can also be cast with the use of a wand item. For this you need to bind the spell to the item first. You can set multiply spells to one item.

The wand item let you use the magic by leftclick on the mouse. But to use it, you first need to select the spell. This can be done by rightclicking the wanditem. It is important to keep your spells separated. Use one wanditem for healing spells and one for combat. This can safe you multiply times.

Also watch out for your mana. Using a spell cost mana. If you run out, you will need to use a magic potion. Bones and cookies are magicpotions. It has a 10 second cooldown and bones only heals 10 mana.

The Magic worldEdit

To be able to use magic, you will need to learn the spell first. Each players starts with four spells. These spells are list, help, bind and congita. Congita is used to enter the magic world, where you can find the bookcases containing detailed information about magic. By finding the hidden bookcases, you can learn magic.

The magic world is big. The night is always there. Yet there is no reason to be afraid. No monsters will spawn, making it easier to find the bookcases. If you cannot learn a spell, do not forget it's location. A different race might be able to learn that spell. Or if you change your race, you can learn that spell.

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