This server have strict rules. We make clear what is allowed and what not. Breaking the same rule multiply times will result in a perm ban.

General RulesEdit

G1 - Do not ask for an activationEdit

Asking for an activation has no use, as we admins check the playerlist every time we come online to see if someone needs to be activated. This means that even if you sent a pm, we only see it after we went to the activation page. Asking for an activation will result in a longer waitingtime by one to seven days.

G2 - English on Global chatEdit

Even if you are alone with a person on the server, use english in globalchat. By using english there, everyone can understand you. If you want to talk a different language, use /msg or the townchat instead.

G3 - Do not place water or lava on other player plots/in other player buildingsEdit

If the player report the lava/water griefing, there will be a ban (1-7 days) without any exception. We will check the log regarding this matter.

G4 - Only one account per playerEdit

There is no need to have multiply accounts. Having two account on minecraft will result in the second being removed and the first being jailed for 1 hour. If you however play with your brother, you should notify us in the dual IP forums.

G5 - Respect others Please remember that this is a game and not real life.Edit

If you hate a person, it is alright, but do not start flaming or ruining a persons reputation. Treat everyone respectful, otherwise there is a change you won't join a town. Also this can result in a 1-5 hour mute.

G6 - Do not piss an admin offEdit

Do not flame, harm or annoy admins. The effects are random.

G7 - Do not discuss the actions of an admin or mod in publicEdit

If you have a problem with an admin, try to solve it by talking to him. The admin will have to listen to you, as long as you speak in a formal, respectful way. Being disrespectful will piss the admin off. Discussing or asking for bans is the same.

G8 - Do not complain about your punishment Do not complain about your punishment.Edit

You got it for breaking one of the rules. We only take action if we get proof, so that innocent people won't be harmed by us. Complaining results in an increasement of the punishment length.

G9 - No mature content in the chat Not every person who plays on the server is above 18.Edit

Talking open about any mature/adult topic is hereby strictly forbidden, as this server is childsafe. Anyone who get caught on it will be muted for an undetermined time.

Fair Play RulesEdit

F1 - Do not abuse bugs Abusing or exploiting bugs will give yourself an advantage.Edit

We do not accept this, as the bugs should be reported and fixed. Using the bug can result in a ban (1-7 days) or a full reset of the thing that got increased by it.

F2 - Do not use hacks or texturepacks that gives you advantagesEdit

X-ray, special texture packs and hacks gives you an unfair advantage. Flying and speedhack can also lag the server. You will gain something by using it, and that is a 1 day jail and a full reset of your account.

F3 - Do not use spells or raceskills that destroys objects, melt ice or turn glass into ice in another faction than yours.Edit

You are only allowed to use these skills in Terra and your own world. This is to prevent greifing by turning glass into ice and then melt it down. Logs are kept of every spell, so we directly know who it was. Raiding is allowed, but this (using spells to get in) is seen as griefing and results in a 1 day ban.

F4 - Do not ask or demand for items.Edit

If you lost your items due a bug or something an admin did, it will get restored after talking to you. However if this is not the case, you tried to get items for free. We can confirm if you lost your items due a bug. Also if you just ask for items and didn't buy a packet, you are asking/demanding items. Failing to do so result in a 2 day ban.

RolePlay RulesEdit

R1 - No shops in Etherion Hearts (City).Edit

Every player is allowed to create shops in their own town.

R2 - PVP allowed PVP is allowed everywhere.Edit

However mayors can turn pvp off in their town and near portals in freeworld and nether the portals are off.

R3 - Do not camp near the portals.Edit

Do not camp in the safezone near the portals of freeworld and netherworld. If you want to kill some people, stay outside the safezone, where camping is allowed.

R4 - Only use wood in skylands to build bridges.Edit

In skylands you can place wood, fences and ladders in the wilds. Wood and fences may only be used to build bridges.

R5 - No items may be placed on top of chests.Edit

This is to make sure people don't use tricks to lock their chests. If you want to ensure your chests, build it in, but a block on top of the chest itself will cause a 1 day ban. Shops may be used to lock chests.

R6 - Do not grief in the shopping world.Edit

Any form of griefing will not be tolerated. The shopping world is a place to shop for items, and not for gathering resources or breaking stuff. Placing lava on shops of other people, same as water, or griefing results in a permban. Mining results in a 1 day ban.

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